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Logging in multiple files with Powershell

In this blog post is explained how to write in multiple files using Powershell. To achieve this purpose, we are going to use message streams, which we have already seen in the previous post: do no use write-host cmdlet. Streams are a fundamental feature in a scripting language that supports piping such as Powershell, especially […]


do not use write-host cmdlet

Again: do not use write-host cmdlet! This isn’t something reckless, but there’s a good explanation about this statement. First, if you use Powershell, you need to understand a basic concept: Powershell is about automation This means that Powershell scripts need to be write thinking about automation. And for this reason, Write-Host does not have nothing in common with […]


Powershell script execution

Può capire che non abbiate i diritti necessari per eseguiri script in Windows PowerShell. In genere vi compare un errore di questo tipo: L’esecuzione di script è disattivata nel sistema corrente. Per ulteriori informazioni, vedere “get-help about_signing”. Innanzitto per verificare i permessi dell’utente in PowerShell eseguite il seguente comando: PS> Get-ExecutionPolicy Se la risposta è […]